Migrating Databases with Rails at Scale

At Procore, PostgreSQL is our workhorse. The nature of our product - a very large suite of enterprise business management tools for the construction industry - requires a fully normalized relational database with over 600 tables, and we keep adding more. Our traffic peaks predictably every weekday morning as an average of 80,000 construction industry professionals log in and use Procore throughout their day. It's not unusual for our database to perform 35,000 transactions / second and scan 20,000,000 rows a second sustainedly for several hours every morning. At the same time, our engineering team is hard... Read More

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara, prepare to be overwhelmed by natural beauty unmatched in the continental United States. More than just a natural wonderland, this sun-drenched strip of California coast is home to a small but thriving concentration of world-class software companies. At Procore we like to keep the community vibrant by hosting events that bring together the best and brightest engineers in Southern California and further afield to socialize, share and learn. Last Tuesday we hosted the Santa Barbara on Rails meetup for a RailsConf 2016... Read More