Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community

If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara, prepare to be overwhelmed by natural beauty unmatched in the continental United States. More than just a natural wonderland, this sun-drenched strip of California coast is home to a small but thriving concentration of world-class software companies. At Procore we like to keep the community vibrant by hosting events that bring together the best and brightest engineers in Southern California and further afield to socialize, share and learn.

Last Tuesday we hosted the Santa Barbara on Rails meetup for a RailsConf 2016 Preview event. Eric Weinstein (@ericqweistein), Senior Software Development Lead at Hulu, drove up from Los Angeles to give his talk Booting Up: Hiring and Growing Boot Camp Graduates. I gave a talk about the Phoenix framework titled ActiveRecord vs. Ecto: A Tale of Two ORMs.

meetup At Procore we develop multiple applications on multiple platforms. We have native iOS, Android and Windows 10 clients. We have a cutting-edge front-end stack built with React, Redux, Babel and Webpack. Ruby on Rails holds a special place in our hearts though, because we were early adopters. We started developing Procore in Ruby on Rails in January of 2005 using a pre-1.0 release. For that reason we go out of our way to support the community. We were the diamond sponsors of RubyConf in November of 2015 and we brought Sandi Metz to speak in Santa Barbara in 2014. Our meetup event continued this tradition by providing a venue for the best Rails-related content we could find in Southern California.

Based on the feedback we got, I think it’s safe to say the community loved the event. We enjoy hosting meetups at Procore because in addition to bringing the community together to exchange ideas and engineering know-how, it gives us a chance to share what we believe makes Procore special - both culturally and technically - with those who may not know who we are and why people love working here.

With our made-to-order grilled cheese station no one left hungry. The crowd was in high spirits (maybe it was the open bar) and we raffled off a drone to one lucky winner. We promised the crew at RailsConf that we wouldn’t record the talks, but we’re presenting them again this week at the big event in Kansas City, so when they show up on YouTube we’ll update this post with links.

If you don’t want to miss the next event at Procore, follow us on twitter (@procoretech), subscribe to this blog via RSS and join our local meetups.

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