Being an Engineering Intern at Procore

About two years ago, when I was first searching for a software engineering internship, I remember asking myself, “What do I want to get out of this new experience? What would an ideal internship be?” It really boiled down to three main asks: I wanted to be treated and challenged like an engineer, not “just an intern”. I wanted to learn and grow, both as an engineer, and as a young professional. I wanted to know the work I was doing had an impact on an actual end user. I’m now entering my third internship with Procore, making it... Read More

Breaking out of silos

Authors: Stephanie Pirman and Kellie Spears What we’ve learned by building products on multiple platforms in the same squad A squad is comprised of multiple roles at Procore including software engineers, quality assurance engineers, UX engineers and product managers. We (Stephanie and Kellie) work on the Field Productivity Squad at Procore and sat down together to write this post with the intention of sharing what we’ve learned by developing a key feature set on multiple platforms within the same squad. Our squad also includes experts who code on multiple platforms including Web, iOS and Android. We didn’t... Read More

When Milliseconds Matter

Authors: Shayon Javadizadeh, Ishjot Walia Background Quota Minder is a microservice written in Elixir that enforces API Rate Limits on our third party integrators and internal applications. It is built with knowledge of the Procore domain which enables us to construct rate limits that make sense for Procore specifically, as opposed to an off-the-shelf rate limiting solution. Quota Minder also has the concept of “tiered buckets” which allow for several different types of rate limits to be counted against a client at any given time. We are then able to enforce both “spikes” and “count” rate limits, which protect against... Read More

Taming the Beast

Pragmatic, Proactive Debt Management at Procore R&D Tim Doherty is Staff Software Engineer at Procore Technologies, where he’s tirelessly championing TDD and sustainable development. He also runs the Santa Barbara JavaScript Meetup and speaks at technical conferences. Background I’ve been building and shipping software professionally, in one capacity or another, for a little over two decades. In that time, I have had the good fortune to work with some very capable, passionate teams across a variety of business domains. One challenge all of those teams met, with varying degrees of success, is what’s commonly referred... Read More