An Intro to Git and Its States

When I first started working in git I found myself frequently asking the following: Why does it seem like whenever I want to remove something in git, I do it wrong? This is a common feeling. Git has many states that can be subtle and confusing. This post will take you on a thorough and detailed examination of the different states; useful commands and examples will be explored to help you change states more confidently and effectively. Here are the two problems we will be examining: The unkillable zombie file that is somehow immune to git reset --hard Removing accidental... Read More

Managing Dependencies with 6 Easy Questions

Nothing is free; everything comes with a cost. As developers, many might not acknowledge it, but we are always making trade-offs. With every new line of code we write, we are compromising the integrity of the system. The changes we make affect the complexity, stability, performance, flexibility, and cost to implement. For example, let's say we decide to move duplicated logic to an abstracted method. We are improving stability and efficiency at the cost of development time and potentially increased complexity. Another example is choosing to use a 3rd party library instead of building the logic ourselves. This reduces development... Read More

Get To Know Procore Engineering

Procore Engineering is working on products our clients in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry use to build hospitals, sports stadiums, schools, apartment buildings, and skyscrapers more efficiently, with improved communication and collaboration. I’ve had the pleasure of leading our Engineering team since 2008. My perspective is one in which I’ve seen us grow and innovate year after incredible year. We work closely with our clients to ensure our products are giving them what they need. The Procore offices are largely wall-and-door-free, and the company culture reinforces and celebrates creativity, autonomy, and ingenuity. We are tackling new... Read More

We’re Expanding Our Engineering Team to San Diego

Over the past few years, Procore has experienced a burst of growth that has brought us to more than 2,000 clients and well over 1,250,000 users. Our engineering team has been expanding to keep up with the pace of innovation that we aim for in order to help modernize the construction industry. To date, the vast majority of our engineering team has worked from headquarters in Carpinteria, with a few colleagues working remotely, but as we expand our physical presence around the US and look to attract the best talent we have decided to build out our... Read More

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara, prepare to be overwhelmed by natural beauty unmatched in the continental United States. More than just a natural wonderland, this sun-drenched strip of California coast is home to a small but thriving concentration of world-class software companies. At Procore we like to keep the community vibrant by hosting events that bring together the best and brightest engineers in Southern California and further afield to socialize, share and learn. Last Tuesday we hosted the Santa Barbara on Rails meetup for a RailsConf 2016... Read More