Continuous learning and involvement in the tech community is a large part of our engineering culture. We love to organize events in our local communities, but you’ll also find us making frequent appearances around the world.

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RailsConf Wrap-Up

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

6307 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA

We are hosting Meetup group Santa Barbara on Rails for their RailsConf Wrap-Up. Two speakers will be presenting their talks on the program for RailsConf 2017: Claudio Baccigalupo and Procore's Brad Urani. RSVP now! A light dinner and drinks will be provided. We hope to see you there.

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Procore at RailsConf 2017

April 25th - 27th, 2017

Phoenix, AZ

Come meet the Procore Engineering team at this year's RailsConf. You can also hear talks from three members of our team: Brad Urani, Jon Henderson, and Derek Carter. Stop by our booth #101 and say hi!

SCALE 15x Preview & DevOps kickoff

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

6309 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA

Welcome to DevOps Santa Barbara's kickoff event! Please join us as AJ and Jeff preview their talks on the program for SCALE 15x in March. Light dinner and drinks will be provided.

NDC London - ASP.NET Core vs Elixir Phoenix

January 16th - 20th, 2017

London, England

The Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) is one of Europe`s largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. Find Procore Engineer, Mathew Glodack, at NDC for his showdown between the two hottest web frameworks available, ASP.NET Core and Elixir / Phoenix.

2016 Ruby Conf Taiwan

December 2nd - 3rd, 2016

28 Academia Road, Section 2 Nankang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan

Procore Principle Software Engineer, Brad Urani, is giving his talk "Building HUGE web apps: Rails at 1,000,000 Lines of Code" at Ruby Conf Taiwan.


November 14th - 16th, 2016

Bonaventure Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

ConFoo is a multi-technology conference for web developers. There will be over 100 presentations by internal speakers, focusing on pragmatic solutions for web developers. Procore Principal Software Engineer, Brad Urani, will be presenting his two talks: "Queries Inside Out: The Algorithms in your Database" and "Ruby on Rails at 1,000,000 Lines of Code."

PGConf Silicon Valley

October 27 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

South San Francisco Conference Center, San Francisco, CA

PGConf Silicon Valley is a conference for the Silicon Valley PostgreSQL community and beyond featuring talks by leading Postgres experts. This year’s theme is “High Performance & Scalability” and it includes a day of optional tutorials followed by two days of keynotes and breakout sessions. Find Procore Senior Site Reliability Engineer, AJ Bahnken, at this year’s PGConf for his talk on "Gophers Riding Elephants: Writing PostgreSQL tools in Go.

Javascript Lightning Talks at Procore

October 27 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

Join us for a night of 10 lightning-fast talks with Javascript ninjas, enthusiasts, and resistors that will spark your interest in the dense foliage of this back-end language.The following "prototypes" are currently scheduled to ignite us, with more additions be added: Ritesh Shetty, Garvan Kuskey, Marcus Bernales, Danny Phillips, Brock Noah. Dinner and drinks will be provided.

Sandi Metz: Get a Whiff of This

October 12th, 2016 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara CA

We're hosting thought leader and legendary software developer, Sandi Metz, to help you heighten your senses for sniffing out Code smells. Dinner and drinks will be provided.

San Diego Railsbridge Workshop for Women

September 16th - 17th, 2016

Planning Center, Carlsbad, CA

San Diego RailsBridge Workshop for Women is a day and a half workshop that will take students through building a complete web application using Ruby on Rails. Spend time with Procore's Julissa Jansen who is teaching the Railsbridge curriculum. By the end of the workshop, students have an application on the internet that connects to a database and reads and writes information.

Intro to Command Line Applications in Node

August 25th, 2016 at 6:30PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

Sit along the coast and join Michael Hinrichs as he walks through nonote (short for node note) written in node. Learn how he approached solving the problem, building the app, and get an inside look at his decision making process. Reserve your seat to guarantee your spot. We will be allowing a limited number of registrations onsite.

SD Ruby Monthly Meetup

August 4th, 2016 at 7:30PM

University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA

Brad Urani from Procore gives his talk "Jaywalking in Traffic: Safe Migrations at Scale." At scale, easy things become hard. Migrations, especially, can become dangerously unpredictable if you don't understand the traps inherent. This talk will cover problems that occur with migrations at scale, and what to do about them. We'll talk about the ActiveRecord schema cache and how to reset it, and about Postgres locking and how it can take down your site. We'll see which types of migrations require downtime and which ones don't, and what order your migrations need to run in to make them safe. Whether you operate at scale or not, this talk will teach you plenty about Rails, databases, and how to avoid catastrophe the next time you deploy.

Ruby on Rails Monthly Meetup: ActiveRecord vs Ecto: A Tale of Two ORMs

June 9th, 2016 at 7:00PM

Fullscreen Office, Los Angeles, CA

They bridge your application and your database. They're object-relational mappers, and no two are alike. Join us Procore's Brad Urani as he compares ActiveRecord from Rails with Ecto from Phoenix, a web framework for Elixir. Comparing the same app implemented in both, you'll see why even with two different web frameworks in two different programming languages, it's the differing ORM designs that most affect the result. This tale of compromises and tradeoffs, where no abstraction is perfect, will teach you how to pick the right ORM for your next project, and how to make the best of the one you already use.

Modern Agile with Joshua Kerievsky

June 8th, 2016 at 6:00PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

Modern agile methods are defined by four guiding principles: make people awesome, make safety a prerequisite, experiment and learn rapidly and deliver value continuously. World famous organizations like Google, Amazon, AirBnB, Etsy, (Procore) and others are living proof of the power of these four principles. Join us for food, drinks, and a modern agile discussion.

RailsConf 2016 Preview

April 26th, 2016 at 6:30PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

Sit along the coast and join Brad Urani as he previews his RailsConf 2016 talk: ActiveRecord vs. Ecto: A Tale of Two ORMs, and Eric Weinstein as he tackles hiring in his lecture: Booting Up: Hiring and Growing Boot Camp Graduates. Enjoy dinner, drinks, and enter for a chance to win your own DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter drone. Reserve your seat to guarantee your spot. We will be allowing a limited number of registrations onsite.

JavaScript Lightening Talks

November 19th, 2015 at 6:30PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

Join us on Procore's campus for another round Lightening Talks with Santa Barbara JavaScript. Each speaker will have exactly 5 minutes to talk about anything JavaScript related. Dinner and drinks will be served.

Procore is Hosting Sandi & Sarah

March 25th, 2015 at 5:30PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

Procore Technologies is honored to be hosting renowned Rubyists Sandi Metz and Sarah Mei this Wednesday evening at our Carpinteria campus for an educational and fun-filled evening of food, drinks and networking. Please join us as Sandi presents 'Nothing is Something' and Sarah presents 'Fields and Fences.' This event is completely free and open to anyone interested in Ruby on Rails and Object-Oriented Programming.

Rules for Writing Object-Oriented Code

August 27th, 2014< at 6:30PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

This month's SB on Rails talk will be by Sandi Metz, who will be talking about five 'little' rules for writing object-oriented code. Sandi is a programmer with over 30 years experience who has written innumerable applications, many of which are still in use today. She is the author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby.

Mounting Rails Engines

April 9th, 2014 at 6:30PM

Procore Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

At Procore, we have started to transition our tools into Rails Engines. Engines have helped us achieve the separation of responsibility we’ve been pushing for in our code base, as well as put us in a position to potentially sell the individual tools that make up our application. Sometimes engines are a good idea, and sometimes they’re not. We’ll show you when we think engines are appropriate, the small iterative steps we took to transition our existing tools into engines, and how to create new engines for new services.Please join us at the Procore office. Food and drinks will be provided.