We’re Expanding Our Engineering Team to San Diego

Over the past few years, Procore has experienced a burst of growth that has brought us to more than 2,000 clients and well over 1,250,000 users. Our engineering team has been expanding to keep up with the pace of innovation that we aim for in order to help modernize the construction industry. To date, the vast majority of our engineering team has worked from headquarters in Carpinteria, with a few colleagues working remotely, but as we expand our physical presence around the US and look to attract the best talent we have decided to build out our... Read More

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community

Procore Plays Host to the Local Ruby on Rails Community If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara, prepare to be overwhelmed by natural beauty unmatched in the continental United States. More than just a natural wonderland, this sun-drenched strip of California coast is home to a small but thriving concentration of world-class software companies. At Procore we like to keep the community vibrant by hosting events that bring together the best and brightest engineers in Southern California and further afield to socialize, share and learn. Last Tuesday we hosted the Santa Barbara on Rails meetup for a RailsConf 2016... Read More

Evolution of Software Applications

If you develop software long enough, you notice patterns. One pattern that isn’t talked about enough is how systems evolve over time. The software industry is so focused on the flavor of the week that we lose perspective. Most of what is “invented” today was created decades ago. Most problems we face today were solved by someone else. Software developers don’t have a good understanding of our own history. In the spirit of that, I present to you my take on how software tends to evolve and why. Overview Before starting, I must define a term - Software... Read More

Roda vs. Sinatra For Small Projects

I’m a hacker. I like to build things and get stuff done. Also, I care about efficiency and performance. Even though I use Rails all day long, it feels like too much for my own personal projects. When I’m hacking on some code for fun, I don’t reach for Rails. Lately, I’ve used Roda. What is Roda? Roda is a tiny web framework written by Jeremy Evans, who also is the man behind one of my other favorite ruby projects - Sequel. Roda is cool for two reasons - server performance and its novel routing tree... Read More